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Our Priorities

​TASSIC’s latest strategic plan for spatial information in Tasmania: 'Advancing location intelligence' was launched by the Hon Jeremy Rockliff MP, Deputy Premier, Minister for Primary Industries and Water on 5 December 2017.

TASSIC’s strategic priorities for 2017-2020 are:

  1. Promote the role and value of spatial information to government, industry and the community

    TASSIC will provide briefings for senior executives in local and state government, expounding the value of spatial information services to government programs. TASSIC will continue its program of seminars and showcase events to promote spatial applications to government and business, including recent examples of successful applications across all sectors.

  2. Facilitate the implementation of spatial information projects

    Within its mandate of encouraging collaboration between government and the private sector, TASSIC will facilitate and/or champion the implementation of key spatial information projects identified by government organisations. Priority areas include health, human services and planning.

  3. Foster innovation

    TASSIC will encourage collaboration between industry, government and, in particular, Tasmania-based research institutions, to identify areas of innovation that could benefit from research and development in Tasmania.

  4. Education and training

    TASSIC will endeavour to create a climate in which Tasmanians can take advantage of the growth in the use and application of spatial systems can be expected to generate additional demand for specialist surveying and spatial skills across public and private sectors.

Read more about TASSIC’s latest strategic plan for spatial information in Tasmania: 'Advancing location intelligence'.

TASSIC Strategic Plan 2017-​​2020​​