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Positioning Australia Questionnaire

Through its Positioning Australia program, Geoscience Australia – together with partners FrontierSI, Curtin University and Positioning Insights – provides a range of data streams, products and services which support precise GNSS positioning across the nation.

The Positioning Australia program seeks to assist Australian businesses in adopting precise positioning into their work practices, ensuring they can achieve maximum benefit from the Positioning Australia program through effective use of our advanced GNSS infrastructure.

If your daily work involves using data from GNSS, such as tracking a vehicle, asset, personnel or map features, your insights into the ways you use this data would be highly valuable with the aim of developing a new set of standards and protocols for accessing and integrating our precise positioning technology.

The survey questionnaire can be found at:

TASSIC Forum 2020 "Spatial Information and Data Analysis Supporting Regional Development"

  • Date:      Wednesday, 25 November 2020
  • Time:      10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Delivery:   Online via Zoom
  • Cost:      Free of charge

Tasmania will soon be entering a period of economic reconstruction in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Regional development will be a critical component of this activity. Spatial information and data analytics have major potential to support this endeavour.

The webinar will review the challenges facing local government and industry in supporting regional development, and the use of data to support and accelerate the process and potential opportunities in the use of digital twin concepts to improve planning and implementation.

The topics to be presented include:

  • Regional Development Challenges by Darryl Connolly, Cradle Coast Authority
  • Local Government use of Big Data for Economic Recovery by Erin McGoldrick, Glenorchy City Council
  • 3D Digital Twin and Economic Development - Case Study from Western Sydney by Wayne Patterson, Spatial Services NSW
  • A Discussion Session moderated by Craig Perkins, Regional Development Australia

The full event program will be released soon!


By registering, you receive access to watch the webinar live OR if you are not able to watch the live event, you will receive the link to the recording 24 hours after the event date. You can then watch the webinar at your leisure. Book tickets HERE


This event is worth 1.5 SSSI CPD points.
Note: only the individual registered for the event is entitled to receive the associated CPD points.

TASSIC Forum Response to Questions for Panelists 25 November 2020

TASSIC Forum 2019 “Spatial Information and Digital Agriculture”

TASSIC held a Forum on the role of Spatial Information in Digital Agriculture on 7 November 2019. The Minister for Primary Industries and Water, the Hon Guy Barnett MP, opened the Forum and was followed by four excellent speakers covering the economic and productivity benefits of Digital Agriculture.

  • Dr Alexandra Lobb, ACIL Allen Consulting -"Economic significance of digital agriculture"
  • Mr John McPhee, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture - "Digital Vegetables - a case study of data informed production and supply"
  • Mr Will Bignell, Thorpe Farm - "Drones and digital agriculture - demonstrating economic returns"
  • Mr David Trengove, Esri Australia - "Application of GIS to Viticulture"

TASSIC Forum 2018 “Harnessing the power of spatial analytics”

TASSIC held a forum on “Harnessing the power of spatial analytics” on 24 October 2018. The forum heard from five speakers on different aspects of the use of spatial analytics in government and industry.

  • Mr Andrew Coote, Director ConsultingWhere UK - “Location analytics – an international perspective”
  • Dr Lloyd Klumpp, General Manager, Biosecurity Tasmania – “Biosecurity and spatial data applications”
  • Dr Sam Amirebrahimi, Frontier SI - Digital Australia – “Open Data Cube in a Box”
  • Mr Paul Digney, Survey Technical Director, Jabobs Australia – “Midland Highway Road Upgrade Program”
  • Mr Rob Rowell, Managing Director, Insight GIS – “Case Studies from the Coal Face"

Below are links to the above speaker's presentations.

Issues arising from these presentations were discussed in an open session at the conclusion of the forum. Areas of priority for examination of the use of spatial analytics included agriculture, health and human services and infrastructure.

There was interest in the Data Cube. TASSIC will organise a follow up technical workshop on the use and application of the data cube in February 2019.

TASSIC will hold a meeting and contribute to the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group expo on 17 April 2019 at the Hagley Farm School.

Subsequent forums will be held mid-year in support of a review of the LIST and spatial data services that are to be undertaken by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment with the assistance of TASSIC.

Location Analytics – an International Perspective

Biosecurity and Spatial Data Applications

Open Data Cube in a Box

Midland Highway Road Upgrade Program

Case Studies from the Coal Face

Advancing location intelligence

TASSIC's 2017-2020 strategic plan for spatial information in Tasmania outlines TASSIC's plan to meet the challenges ahead. Download a copy of the strategic plan to find out more.

The importance of spatially locating underground services

What happens when information about the location of underground services is either inaccurate or simply doesn't exist? This compilation of actual images shows what can happen when the right information isn't available.