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​​​​​​​​The Tasmanian Spatial Information Council (TASSIC) is the key forum for increased collaboration between public, private and community sectors in the collection, maintenance and use of spatial information in Tasmania. The Council reports to Tasmania’s Minister for Parks.

Spatial information is any information that refers to a location on, above or beneath the earth’s surface. We depend on this information to know where things are and to understand how they relate to each other.

By understanding more about where events happen and the impact of these events on people, property and the environment at that location, we can:

  • ​​plan better
  • manage risk better
  • use our resources better
  • increase the success rate of new initiatives
  • reduce the potential for future problems
  • deliver tangible financial benefits

Our vision for the future of spatial information in Tasmania is for abundant and useful spatial information within reach of all.

Our purpose is to facilitate full access to, and application of, spatial information to underpin Tasmania’s economic, environmental and social prosperity.

Our foremost strategic priority is to encourage the use of spatial information to develop location intelligence and help grow Tasmania’s future. ​​​